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Take Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, add a twist of The Jungle Book and you’ll begin to understand what Big Tree Farms’ new Bamboo Chocolate Factory is all about. Set on a farm in Bali’s highlands, the factory is built entirely from bamboo – in fact, it’s the largest structure in the world made from the sustainable material. In addition to looking good and saving the planet, the factory happens to churn out fair-trade chocolate – Big Tree Farms works with about 3,000 farmers in Bali and Aceh to produce the cacao beans that are transformed into delicious, organic chocolate. If you needed an excuse to indulge, you now have one.

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Legend Halong

Halong Bay is one of those enchanting destinations that makes it onto most bucket lists.

Island Fish Fry, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

Providenciales hosts an Island Fish Fry on Thursday nights that serves to bring most of the island together.

Eiger Sanctioned

This pretty town is surrounded by mountain royalty, including the Eiger north face and the Wetterhorn, not to mention the incredible Jungfrau.

The New Lizard

It boasts 24 white sand beaches, a lagoon and a National Park covering over a thousand hectares...

The Broad, Los Angeles, USA

The Broad will house more than 2,000 pieces, a stunning research library and feature century-old olive trees and an open lawn.

Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa, French Polynesia

The Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa is a five-star property on the lagoon, and our jaws really do hang open when we see it.

Song Saa on Song

The Song Saa Foundation is a Cambodia-based organisation dedicated to protecting the land and waters of southern Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago.

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