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Life's Sweet
Take Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, add a twist of The Jungle Book and you’ll begin to understand what Big Tree Farms’ new Bamboo Chocolate Factory is all about. Set on a farm in Bali’s highlands, the factory is built entirely from bamboo – in fact, it’s the largest structure in the world made from the sustainable material. In addition to looking good and saving the planet, the factory happens to churn out fair-trade chocolate – Big Tree Farms works with about 3,000 farmers in Bali and Aceh to produce the cacao beans that are transformed into delicious, organic chocolate. If you needed an excuse to indulge, you now have one.

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Air France was hailed as the World’s Most Improved Airline and, for the second consecutive year.

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This isn’t your grandmother’s taco. This isn’t a taco at all, in fact!

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Australians love cruising and as a result, a record number of cruise ships will be in our waterways this summer.

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